Have you ever made a special trip to the grocery store to stock up on JUST chocolate because you NEED your chocolate fix NOW. You rip off that wrapper and devour the whole bar before you even get home. Hmm let me guess... It's that time of the month. You just indulged in a chocolate overload and are feeling guilty. On top of the guilt trip, you feel bloated, moody and just not your best self. This was literally me, once a month. 

After studying nutrition through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I was determined to find a solution to my chocolate addiction and create a clean, functional guilt-free chocolate for women. After thousands of batches in my kitchen, my mom and I perfected the original recipe with ONLY 3 ingredients plus Magnesium and Vitamin B6. The creamy rich chocolate melted in my mouth and I knew we created something special. In addition to the incredible taste, the chocolate kicked my cravings and supported my PMS symptoms. 

As Moodygirl continued to grow, we have taken our original recipe and expanded our selection to support women in all areas of life. We have added a variety of flavors along with vitamins/adaptogens to help women feel good no matter what mood they are in. Our goal is to empower women to feel confident about expressing their true sense of self. We are strong believers in  nourishing our bodies with superfoods that feed our soul. 

ALL of our chocolate is organic, vegan, paleo, soy, gluten and refined sugar free. Our cacao is Rainforest Alliance Certified and sustainably sourced from Ecuador. Moodygirl was created by women for women with 100% pure love from our kitchen to yours. Enjoy!

Leah Nierman  CEO/Founder of Moodygirl