What is a Saturn return in Astrology?

What if someone told you, every 29 years you will undergo major transformations and shifts. That these transitional periods will spark reflection, expansion and stepping into your deepest wisdom. 

According to astrologists, this phenomenon is called “Saturn Return”. 

Depending on your birth date, time and location, you can calculate your Saturn Return. This is when Saturn makes a complete circle and takes you back to the exact degree when you were born. During this time, you undergo transition -- some will make career changes and let friendships and intimate relationships go that no longer serve them. This transformational period allows individuals to question all aspects of their life reevaluating their truth and their purpose in the world. 

Think of your Saturn return as a giant dark leafy green juice cleanse. Your body is stripped of all the toxins in your system. Throughout the cleanse, it may be hard to finish your juice or you may feel hungry, tired or irritable. However, when the cleanse is over, your body feels rejuvenated and ready to function at full capacity. 

A Saturn return brings out the “toxins” or the hard lessons that we need to learn in life. In order to evolve and transform into a better, stronger, wiser version of ourselves, we have to undergo transition and change. 

If you are currently experiencing your Saturn Return and going through big life changes, please know that you are NOT alone -- we all go through this process and are #adulting. If you are feeling stuck and find yourself overwhelmed with emotion, we recommend you sit in your thoughts and feelings. As author Glennon Doyle says, “Feelings are meant to be feeled.” 

We have been there before, and know how you feel! We have put together some tools to help you dig deep and get the most out of your Saturn Return. 

We recommend working with a skilled therapist to dig deep into inner child and attachment styles. This will allow you to better understand how your childhood patterns show up in your relationships. 

We also recommend creating daily meditation and journaling habits so you can recognize and get conscious of patterns in your life. 

Next up! Reading books! This is a lifesaver and helps you get outside of yourself. Here are a few of our favorite books! (Untamed, Discover Your Dharma , Super Attractor).

Additionally, Listening to podcasts such as Almost 30, TSC Him & Her Podcast , Ed Mylett  and To be Magnetic will give perspective, motivation and knowledge. Listening to podcasts in the car or at the gym are a great way to sneak in a daily podcast. 

If you are interested in calculating your Saturn Return, visit Saturn Return Calculator . You can also work with an astrologist consultant to map out and explain your entire birth chart. We love working with Mike Ryan  to deep dive into birth charts. You can also read Saturn Return Survival Guide.

We hope this information is helpful as you navigate your Saturn Return journey! Please DM us. We would love to hear about where you are in your journey and support you in the best way possible!