Moon Hut

Ever feel like you need an escape on your period?  According to Native American tradition women on their period would stop daily work and gather together in a “moon hut”. This was similar to a sanctuary where they would have some MAJOR rest and recuperation time! 

 Inside the moon hut, women would have major “girl time!” Instead of a glass of wine, Moodygirl chocolate and a good chick flick, women would participate in storytelling, creative projects and discuss girl issues. So basically, it would be a monthly slumber party under the stars with your besties! Who is in!? 

In Native American culture women were honored during menstruation. They were seen as highly intuitive, aligned with nature and were often called upon in their tribe to seek advice and guidance for others. 

On a biological level, when women are on their period estrogen drops making them more sensitive and emotionally attune to the environment. These skills come in handy when needing to express emotions and communicate with others. 

Although we no longer have moon huts, we can use our emotions to bring up things that are bothering us. Yes! We know, not every single feeling is grounded in reality but it’s important to address what comes up for us and use menstruation as a time to emotionally treat and cleanse ourselves.