Wellness Halloween: How To Get Spooky AND Focus On YOU!

Ahh, Halloween! Such a wonderful witching hour filled with mysteries, tricks, and of course -- a little too many treats. While treating yourself to some candy and fun is MORE than well-deserved (especially after a year like this one!) we believe in a Halloween adventure that's all about self-care and self-love.

Believe it or not, you CAN have your candy and eat it too! 

This week, the team at Moodygirl HQ sat down to discuss some of our favorite not-so-scary Halloween traditions, from scrumptious (and shockingly tummy-friendly) Halloween meals to self-care routines infused with all of our fall favorites. 

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Not-so-scary self care

How to skip the sugar splurge

  1. Out of sight (and fright!), out of mind. When you're waiting for the trick-or-treaters to arrive, store the big bags of candy somewhere you won't see them every day. 
  2. Don't open the bag until the big night. If the kiddos are trying to steal some advance treats, it's time to put on that scary face. (Or even if the treat-stealer is your girlfriend, your roommate, or just you!) Another great trick for staving off the sugar splurge is to simply not open the bag until Halloween night -- if you can't get into it, you can't go nuts on it! 
  3. When all else fails, invest in candy you're not so fond of. Do Almond Joys or Mounds bars scare you off? Then maybe you should be the house that hands 'em out! A trick we've used before to scare away those sugar cravings is simply to buy treats we don't like very much. If you've never been a fan, you're less likely to pick around when you get bored. 

Clean treats, no tricks!

  1. Treats for your body, not just your taste buds! Before the big night, take some time to take care of #1 with a fall-themed skincare routine. #PSLSeason is so full of delicious, pumpkin-infused treatments like face masks, body scrubs, lotions, and more. Pro tip? Wait to invest in your Halloween self care products until AFTER the 31st. All that delicious cinnamon and pumpkin spice will probably get a serious discount, simply because the packaging has a jack o-lantern on it. You never know! 
  2. Treat yourself to whole-ingredient sweet treats. Did you think we'd go a whole blog on the most candy-filled night of the year without mentioning our vegan, vitamin-enriched chocolate? Of course not! Moodygirl Chocolate is truly the best Halloween candy for moms, tired kiddos, and weekend warriors alike. Whether you're out partying, tromping the streets in costume, or tucking yourself into bed for an early night, Moodygirl Chocolate is packed with the vitamins and minerals you need to scare away post-holiday blues (and yes, that spooky-scary hangover). 
  3. Treat yourself -- end the night with a little "me" time. Finally, when all is said and done and the monsters have returned home, end your Halloween night with a little time for yourself. Whether that's a hot bath sprinkled with cinnamon and lit by flickering candles, or a glass of wine on the couch while you split a chocolate bar with your partner, make sure you take the time to wind down instead of trying to go right to bed. Especially if you're dealing with a bit of a sugar rush (and let's be real, who ISN'T on Halloween?), this time to chill out and recharge will put you on the right path toward the best sleep of fall. 

How are you spending your Wellness Halloween, Moody Boos? Don't forget that all chocolate is 20% off until midnight on Halloween night with code "MOODYTREAT20"! 

We hope all our boos and ghouls out there have a safe and delicious Halloween night!