Summer of Self-Love: 7 Ways to Practice Self-Care!

Summer is here, and the warm weather brings new opportunities for adventures in self care! This week, we're breaking down some of our favorite self-care practices. So pack a beach bag with ice-cold seltzer and some Moodygirl Chocolate and let's make this the best summer ever!

1. Soak up some sun! 

This one might seem obvious, but after such a long time stuck indoors, our bodies and skin are craving some serious Vitamin D. Find time to get outdoors, whether that's for a hike in the woods, a day at the pool, or happy hour with friends at an outdoor restaurant.

2. Create (and complete!) a summer bucket list.

Where will your summer take you? Are you dreaming of a multi-state road trip? Want to learn a new skill? Make a summer bucket list ASAP and set a goal to complete your list by the end of the sunny season. Each item on the list can be a self-care goal in itself, or something more "life"-related like saving up a certain amount of cash or finding a new job. Make sure your goals are attainable, measurable, and can be completed in a few months! 

3. Craft a DIY summer spa day.

If you know the team at Moodygirl Chocolate, you know we love a spa day. While the summer might feel like it's too hot for steam rooms and hot stone massages, you can craft a top quality (and delicious) self care day at home. Start with a citrusy body scrub, then lotion up with an aloe, eucalyptus, or spearmint-based cream or face mask to soak in all those good vitamins and minerals while enjoying the cooling properties of the main ingredients. Top off your day with a glass of champagne and a vitamin-enriched vegan chocolate bar from Moodygirl Chocolate for the best spa day EVER! 

4. Find a new summer mantra. 

Mantras make us feel good. Whether we're saying them to ourselves every day or leaving them written on sticky notes where we can see them, mantras are one of the best ways to put ourselves in a sunshiny headspace. Plus, this is one of the ultimate ways to show yourself some love! Here are just a few of our favorite summer-themed mantras:

  • I bring my own sunshine.
  • I have a beach body -- my body! 
  • Adventure is waiting for me. 
  • I am ready for fun in the sun!
  • Sun's out, fun's out. 
  • I will share my own light with the world. 
  • The heat of nature greets the heat of my heart.

5. Commit to daily meditation.

This is a great way to practice your new summer mantras. Daily meditation is linked to stress relief, lowered blood pressure, and a wide range of other health benefits. Just five minutes a day can help you feel more centered, at peace with yourself, and connected to the world around you. It's also self-care of the highest degree: connecting with yourself is a way of showing how much you honor and appreciate your mind and body! 

6. Start a water drinking challenge. 

It's getting hot out there, folks, and it's not just you! The summer months are full of sunshine and heat, which means your body is craving water more than usual. Practice self-care with a water-drinking challenge: grab a water bottle and a dry-erase marker and challenge yourself to beat your tally week to week. The more water you drink, the more your skin's suppleness, your muscles' health, and your brain's happiness! 

7. Cook something from scratch. 

Finally, connect yourself with the Earth and all she has to offer by cooking a meal from scratch. This can be as simple as vegan peanut butter cups made from Moodygirl's original PMS chocolate bar, or as complex as a multi-course meal with the freshest summer citrus and protein and dairy from a local farmer's market or butcher. The practice of cooking is a sensory experience, grounding you in your body with smells, sights, tastes, and gentle repetitive movements like stirring and chopping. Self-care at its most delicious! 

What are you up to this summer? We'd love to hear about your Moodygirl adventures. Be sure to grab a variety pack or two to bring with you, wherever the summer may take you!