Quarantine Cleanse with Mindful Nutrition Coach & Reiki Healer, Tara Piekarski


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent a good portion of quarantine binge watching
Bridgerton and making close friends with the snack pantry! You may also be experiencing a
tighter waistline + just overall stuckness on how to get back in a healthy, balanced routine!
Don’t worry, we got you - there is plenty of time before Summer hits! Here are some of our
favorite easy “Quarantine Cleanse” tips from Mindful Nutrition Coach & Reiki Healer, Tara (aka
@thewellnesswarrior on Instagram).

Reconnect to your WHY
We may not be the same person as we were at the start of quarantine and that is perfectly OK.
Our priorities and perspectives may have shifted. We may have a much clearer idea of what
healthy really means to us and the importance. Time to get refocused on WHY you want to
recommit to your health and wellbeing. Some questions to ask yourself:
- Why do I want this for myself?
- How do I want to feel every day when it comes to my health + wellbeing?
- Who do I want to become?
- How can I start to show up as this person I want to evolve into?
- What is ONE step I can take today towards achieving my goal?
Journaling can be an extremely helpful tool as you connect back into your WHY. You can then
align your actions with your WHY and lay out small action items to begin. Light a candle, grab
some Moody Girl “Chill Out” chocolate (warm it & drizzle it over some Skinny Pop) and get to
your WHY, babe!
Get Movin’
Body movement and exercise does more for you than just burning fat/losing weight! Moving
our body for even just 10 minutes a day does wonders for our focus, mood and mindset!
Breaking a sweat will spike those feel good endorphin hormones and radically shift your entire
day. Can’t find the time? Do some squats while brushing your teeth, doing the dishes or do a
few anytime you get up from your desk! Every move counts.
Nourish your body
Who else spent way too much time ordering DoorDash and snacks from Thrive Market?! Our
bodies may need a little extra TLC after working some overtime. Start refueling your body with
whole foods vs. processed. Start small, every action counts. Here are some other tips I give to
my clients to instantly upgrade your routine:
- Drink one extra glass of water per day (or one extra Hydroflask if you want to go big!)
Add electrolytes, lemon wedges, mint or berries to your water for some extra flavor!
- Sneak in extra veggies! Add them to smoothies, eggs, casseroles, soups, etc.

PRO Tip: Avocado and spinach are tasteless in smoothies but add great fiber! You can
also add frozen cauliflower rice to your smoothies to thicken & make into a smoothie
bowl. Top your smoothie bowl with your fav fruits, unsweetened coconut flakes, grain
free granola and crushed moody girl chocolate nibs!
Speaking of Smoothies, here’s a new favorite smoothie of mine featuring Moody Matcha Chocolate! 

2 ½ cups of your favorite unsweetened nut milk (or more/less for desired consistency)

1-2 scoops of your favorite low-sugar chocolate protein powder (aim for 20-25g of
1 scoop of your favorite collagen powder
½ avocado
1 tsp unsweetened Matcha Green Tea powder
¼ bar of Moody Matcha Chocolate (plus more to crumble on top later)
Handful of spinach
Handful of ice
Blend to desired consistency, top with Moody Matcha crumbles + enjoy!

Nourish your Mind
This last year was TOUGH! While reconnecting to your physical body, don’t forget to reconnect
with your mind too.
- Journaling (or brain dumps as I sometimes call them) is wonderful for getting our
thoughts out of our heads and onto paper! Bonus points if you journal in the morning –
free write when you wake up until you can’t write anymore. Watch your day unfold with
ease with that clear mind of yours.
- Meditation is an amazing break for the mind and can help with anxiety, stress, emotions
& overall health. There are many free meditations on Instagram (visit my page for some
great 10-12 min guided meditations - @thewellnesswarrior) or you can also find great
meditations on Youtube and through apps (Unplug, Insight Timer and Chopra are my
- Clear your energy! I smudge myself with palo santo or sage daily. It not only clears your
energy quickly but can also blast away any negative energy you may have picked up
during the day. Need a more in-depth tune up? Visit my Instagram to schedule a 45
minute Reiki Healing session with me! In 45 minutes, we’ll clear your energy, rebalance
your chakras and help you to release anything that no longer serves you.