How to Create the Perfect Summer Bath at Home!

Creating the ultimate summer bath is the perfect quarantine escape! By setting the mood, we are able to create a sanctuary in our homes to relax, refresh and rejuvenate the soul. See our how to tips below!

1. Slice up fresh lemons and oranges (We picked them from our backyard but you can also purchase from the store or your local farmers market) 
2. Cut or pick fresh seasonal flowers (We had beautiful pink and red  roses in our backyard and used those.)
3. Gently place the fruit and flowers into the bath and they will float! 
4. Light candles to set the MOOD! We love @voluspacandles
5. Make your favorite hot or iced drink! We like @vitalproteins collagen matcha with @wedderspoonofficial manuka 🍯 and a splash of @elmhurst1925 cashew milk! If you are going for more of a nighttime vibe you can make some hot camomile tea. 
6. Grab your favorite book! We are reading Untamed @glennondoyle
7. Select your favorite @moodygirlchocolate bar! We went for #thattimeofthemonth to support PMS!
8. Enjoy!!!