A Very Moodygirl Gift Guide!

‘Tis the season for giving gifts and spreading cheer!

Some of our favorite gifts to give to our besties are products they never knew existed but very quickly fall in love with. And before you know it you’ve introduced your loved ones to some of their new favorite products.

Whether you’re shopping for Secret Santa or Stocking Stuffers—Moodygirl has got you covered!


The Best Christmas Gifts for Self-Care and Wellness

5-Minute Gratitude Journal is the perfect gift for a gal pal who is looking to practice self-care and gratitude. A perfect way to start your mind—and your day—on the right side.

Our friends at Fleur Marche have create the perfect wellness patch to help you heal from a tough workout, a night of drinking or even a tough day of cramping. The Relief, Plz wellness patches are the perfect stocking stuffers for any gal pal.

Another favorite stocking stuffer is the Moodygirl Mood Pack. This multi-pack will help target stress, pms cramping, energy boosting and libido. Give all four to the chocolate lover of the group or split it up so everyone gets one!


The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

Candles are a great gift for anyone. Our favorite collection is the Homesick candles. A hometown, a memory or a favorite destination—Homesick candles provides a variety of scents that anyone can relate too.

Another gift your ladygang will love, come from Proof—the leakproof period undies. Not only are these undies super cute, but they’ll be used monthly—literally.


The Best Gifts for Skincare and Personal Wellness 

The MoodyGirl team is asking Santa to bring plenty of skincare items this year! Especially with the weather changing, we can’t be the only ones whose skin has been acting up. If you and you’re bffs are struggling then we suggest stocking everyone up with some Inn Beauty Pimple Paste Overnight Blemish and Hero Cosmetics Pimple Patches!

For anyone who is looking to elevate their space needs an essential oil diffuser. There are endless possibilities of styles and scents so it can be curated to the person you’re shopping for.



The Best Christmas Gifts for Holistic (Self-)Healthcare 

Here’s why this next gift is so great: because no one ever asks for one. This is an item that not one realizes they want until they own one and that magical item is a heating pad. Sure you could get a classic one that plugs in but the microwavable animals make for a great cuddle buddy while also soothing those sore muscles.

Semaine PMS & Period Support Supplements + MoodyGirl Superfood Chocolate is the perfect combination gift. Take the Semaine supplements and a bite of the chocolate when you start feeling cramping or mood swings and your time of the month will be a piece of chocolate 😉.


We hope that the girls, guys, AFAB folx and everyone in between in your life enjoy their unique gifts -- they won’t only LOVE them, but will want buy over and over and over again!

We’d love to hear what else you’re planning to buy this season so be sure to follow and tag us on Instagram @MoodyGirlChocolate. MoodyGirl wishes you the Happiest Holidays, Merriest (and MoodyGirl-est!) Christmas, and Awesomest New Year EVER!