5 Ways to Show Thankfulness to Family, Friends, and Your Community

With Thanksgiving on the table this week, we've entered into the season of being grateful and giving thanks. It's right there in the name of the holiday, after all! 

However, thankfulness isn't simply a nice idea to focus on once a year – it's something we should and can be doing all year long. This doesn't mean you have to make some elaborate plan. Simple acts of kindness go a long way.

Here are some creative and thoughtful ways to show gratitude to your family, friends, and community. 


Share a Meal

Whether it’s a single parent struggling to make ends meet, a neighbor who lives alone, or a friend who is going through a hard time, someone in your life could benefit from you sharing a meal with them. You can either extend an invitation to join you or prepare a second meal for them to enjoy on their own. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate with multiple courses – just something that shows you’re thinking of them. Don’t forget to add a little mood-boosting chocolate for dessert! 


Bake Together

Delicious desserts will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and it’s even better when you take time and bake together. Invite a friend you haven’t seen for a while or someone you haven’t had time to see as much as you would like. Find some delicious recipes, gather your ingredients, and spend the day baking together. Enjoy each other’s company and some delightful desserts, of course! 


Give a Sweet ‘Thank You’ at Work

Show your gratitude to a co-worker or employee with the gift of chocolate and more! We all know how stressful our jobs can be, help your co-worker relax a little with our “Chill Out” bar. When it’s the busy time of year, and you need your team focused and energized, our “Moody Matcha” bar is a great way to acknowledge their hard work while giving them a boost! 


Volunteer in Your Community

Volunteering is not only one of the best ways to connect with others around you and give back to your community. It also is said to increase your overall happiness and perspective. Volunteering can take on many forms and look like anything, from working at a soup kitchen to helping the elderly with outdoor chores. No matter what you choose to do, sharing your time is a great way to model an attitude of generosity and thankfulness. If you cannot donate time to volunteering, you can also donate things like food and other necessities to a local organization like a food bank.


Random Acts of Kindness

Doing something nice for someone else is a great way to show you are thankful. The smallest things can make all the difference in your life and others. For example, send a thank you card, pack your significant other’s lunch, open the door for someone, leave a large tip, or offer to help with a chore no one likes to do. These are all simple things you can do to show your gratitude and spread kindness. 


We would like to express our gratitude to all those who helped Moodygirl Chocolate in some way. Your support means the world to us! What are some ways you like to show thankfulness?