10 Tips to Inspire Your Inner Soul Magic!


2020 has been quiet the year to say the least. We are ready to start the new year fresh by reconnecting with our inner self and aligning with our soul purpose. Check out our 10 tips to free yourself and reset your energy.

1. Create a Vision Board - Vision boards are a visual representation of our goals. We love to keep it old school and look through magazines and find pictures and words that resonate and spark emotion. So often we have amazing aspiration in our mind,  putting them on paper with intention allows energy to flow; turning your goals into reality. We suggest displaying your vision board in a space you are in often as a gentle reminder of your dreams! 

2. Create a Playlist on Spotify- Did you know that music has a vibrational force and connects with your chakras? You can create different playlist that corresponds with each chakra tuning into what your body needs the most. For example, if you are noticing that your throat chakra is needing some extra love, you can create an entire playlist with songs in F "playing the F note". For more resources you can check out this article.  https://dailylife.com/article/use-music-balance-chakras  

3. Reading a Book That Inspires You- Books help us get outside of ourselves and explore new concepts, theories and ways of life. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea, a little Moodygirl chocolate and a great book. If you are looking to get back into reading. We HIGHLY recommend Untamed by Glennon Doyle. The way she express her emotions and  truth is unlike anything we have ever read. The book is life changing and the perfect read to start the new year. We also recommend a hard copy so you can highlight and take notes!

4. Free Write in your Journal- Don't think just write. Pick a time every day to journal. Just let the pen on paper flow. Once you start to journal daily, you will recognize themes/patterns in yourself. This leads to self awareness which is the very first step to change. Journaling will free your soul. 

5. Learn a New Language- Language shapes the way we view the world and communicate with others. Spanish and Italian are love languages for a reason ; ) There are so many amazing online course that can help you learn a language and expand your mind. 

6. Take a Nature Walk- Get outside and breath in fresh air! Feel the earth below your feet and listen to the sounds of nature; birds chirping, wind blowing.  This is truly essential for mental, physical and spiritual health. 

7. Take Up a New Hobby- Learn something new! This could be an online course about how to take pictures or how to create the perfect charcuterie board. If something sparks your interests invest more energy and time into learning about that skill. I promise you won;'t regret it. 

8. Dance Naked- YESS! Celebrate and empower your beautiful body. Turn on your favorite song after a shower and dance your heart out! 

9. Skinny Dip- Is there a better feeling than skinny dipping? I don't think so! It feels so freeing and exciting every time. Warm up your jacuzzi or go to your besties house and plan some skinny dipping fun! We all deserve a little magic in our lives ; ) 

10. Listen to a Podcast - Discover a new podcast! Podcast are great because you can listen while folding laundry, doing dishes and making the bed. They make chores more bearable. We highly recommend The Skinny Confidential and  Almost 30 Podcast if you are just starting! Such valuable information about health, wellness and spirituality.


Happy New Year!